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  1. Mixing Instructions Real Hawaiian Ice Conc. Flavors.
    You will need the following:
    A wide mouth gallon container
    5 lbs. of sugar. (16 oz measuring cup = 1 lb.)
    Warm water
    Long Spoon for stirring.
    Preparation Directions:

    • Fill the container with 5 lbs. of sugar.
    • Fill with approximately ½ gallon (64 oz.) of water.
    • Mix well until sugar is completely dissolved. Note: warm or hot water will speed dilution of sugar.
    • Add 4oz. of flavor concentrate. (Optional: for longer shelf life, add 1 oz. of preservative.)
    • Pour the syrup into a gallon bottle. Add enough water to fill the rest to one gallon.

    It is now ready to use. For best results, use syrup the next day. If you wish to use syrup the same day, chill before using.

  2.  Mixing Instructions for Ice Cream Flavors:
    You can make an “ice cream” flavor from any of our great syrups. Just do the following:

    • Take an empty 16 oz. Pour bottle.
    • Pour 2 ounces of our Concentrate with one can of Eagle Brand Condensed Milk into the pour bottle.
    • Fill the pour bottle the rest of the way with milk.Pour a layer of cream base over the snow. Finish by pouring ready to use flavor over the cream.

    Now this syrup, when poured over the snow, will make the “Shaved Ice” taste like homemade ice cream. Vanilla will taste like the snow cream that Mom used to make. Chocolate will taste like a fudgesicle. Strawberry cream is great and so is peach cream. The cream base must be kept cool, as it will spoil if left out.

  3. Look in the frozen section of your local food market for fruit juice concentrate (orange, Grape, Pineapple, Etc.)Be sure that the label for the ingredients does not list sugar, fructose, glucose, or corn syrup. There may be a “No Sugar” or “All Natural” label. Take two 12 oz. cans of the concentrate and put them in an empty 32 oz pour bottle. Add two to four ounces of our “neutral concentrate”. Add the neutral “Shave Ice” syrup with no sugar.
  4.  Mixing Instructions for Slush in Slush Machines:
    Mix the same as you would for shave ice flavoring except use 5 lbs of sugar. Add four gallons of water to make 5 gallons of slush.
  5. Instructions for Carbonated Drinks:
    Use 1 part shave ice flavoring with 5 parts carbonated water. (2 ounces flavoring and 10 ounces water to make 12 oz drink.
  6. Instructions For Milk Shake Base Flavors:
    Mix one gallon using 8 ounces of Concentrate and 4 pounds of sugar.
  7.  Instructions For Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines:
    Mix Concentrate direct to your soft serve mix. Flavor to taste by starting with one ounce of Conc. to every 2 gallons of soft serve mix.